Walking and Public Art Guide – Davis, California

This  walking and public art guide to Davis, California has downloadable neighborhood maps and a photo gallery of public art and natural areas around town. I put it together initially to make walks with my aging parents more interesting. Then I thought it would be useful to get other people (both residents and visitors) out exploring the town on foot or bike.

  • The  map  link displays, for each region of town, greenbelts, walking/bike paths, outdoor art, historical buildings, play structures (for the young at art), benches (for the old of knee), and other features to make your trips more enjoyable.  Each of the more than 160 outdoor art pieces numbered on the maps correspond to a listing below the map, showing the address, date, and artist of each piece.
  • The art images link displays the public art works in several different views, along with plaques that accompany the art and the address of the art. I included art that is visible in public outdoor areas around town, including sculptures, paintings, tile work, and other media. Some of it is City-sponsored, some is private art by local professional artists in public view, and other pieces are by creative homeowners. I just included what made sense to me and I’m sure it’ll prompt the question “What is art and what is not?”   I’m sure I missed some of the artwork. If you would like to suggest other artwork to include, let me know.
  • The nature link displays images of semi-natural lands around town. These are lands that are not managed as lawns, but left relatively wild, and they provide valuable wildlife habitat.

Have fun exploring town!

North Davis  (map     art images     nature)     Wildhorse (map      nature)

West Davis (map     art images     nature)     Central Davis (map     art images)     East Davis  (map    art images     nature)

UCD West Campus  (map     art images     nature    UCD Core Campus (map     art images     nature)     Downtown     (map     art images)

South Davis  (map     art images    nature)     El Macero  (map    nature)

Davis regions

Information Sources:

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